Hot Heads hair extensions


Hothead Hairwears’ European & US designers set out to create the most innovative human hair extension line the world had ever seen & they have succeeded!! Simple, Fast & Extraordinary is the philosophy of Hotheads Hairwear. With a focus on simplicity, speed and our high quality standards. Hotheads Hairwear is the fastest growing movement in human hair enhancements throughout Europe, Asia & US. A world-renowned team of hair experts and educators; with decades of knowledge and experience developed a revolutionary product offering in Hotheads Hairwear. A permanent affordable 100% human hair extension & thinning hair solutions made of the finest Indian Remy hair; that requires no heating elements, no tools, no clamps, no fusing, no harmful glues, no power units or machinery that ultimately damages a wearers hair. Hotheads Hairwears’ designers believe that ones choice to enhance their appearance with hair extensions should never cause harm or damage to their own hair; a hair solution should never contribute to hair loss or damage. Their long history in hair replacement & hair solutions made their concept easy to execute. Create an extraordinary product that is non-damaging & safe while making the application fast & affordable for industry professionals.

“For years, we have been providing hair replacement solutions to men & women all over the world after their hair was damaged & lost as a result of more traditional hair enhancement methods. We knew there was a safer smarter way to offer a hair extension system that didn’t cause a wearer to need a more serious permanent solution at the end of a bad hair day.”~Richard Schoonover President

It is therefore no surprise that Hotheads Hairwear has  discovered the best way to provide volume, texture, length, highlights &  dynamic color gently and without further damage or hair loss. Unlike any other  method available today Hotheads Hairwear offers the simplest, fastest &  most extraordinary human hair extensions & thinning hair solution in the  world.

Hotheads Hairwear is pleased to announce their newest  product Hairwear for women & men.

Hotheads Hairwear addresses the growing problem of  fine or thinning hair without shaving, bonding or harmful glues. Hotheads  Hairwear is the only product of it’s kind. It’s offers a lightweight, natural,  undetectable, comfortable & affordable solution to thinning hair.  Maintaining their commitment to always provide products that are simple, fast  & extraordinary; Hotheads Hairwear can be applied in less than 1 hour &  removed in 90 seconds. Now there is a hair extensions solution for any client  that experiences fine, thinning or hair loss.

Hotheads Hairwear Hair Extensions are being used by  some of the world’s most successful salon’s specializing in hair extensions and  now there is a total thinning hair solution that is Simple, Fast &  Extraordinary.



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