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  2. I am so terrible at picking out color swatches when I go in and have a picture of what I want. This is the exact hair I want down to the cut and the most perfect melt I’ve ever seen! What are these colors


    1. The base color is a level 4, Demi permanent, mid shaft is a high lift brown w/ 30vol developer, and the ends are lightener w/ 40vol. All painted then placed in foil.
      Maybe you live near San Diego and you can come in:) if not, maybe I can refer you to someone in your area. I have a large network of stylist friends.


      1. Who did this color above…ie who should I ask for when making an appt for this exact color. What do u call the color, is it Carmel,bronze blond balage?? Are you familiar with escaille or turtoise balage??


        1. I did this color above. My name is Andrea LeFevre. I am located at the lab a salon in north park. 619-543-9952
          I am familiar with the escaille and tortoise balayage.
          The color above is a dark brown fading to a light golden brown with light golden blonde ends. There is no specific name for the color. But the process depends on what your hair looks like now. Do you have any artificial pigment on your hair? If you have no color on your hair the process is very simple. If you would like to email me pictures of your hair and the history of what you have done to it In the past 2-3 years, I can quote you a price.
          Thank you


  3. I absolutley love the haircut and color, it’s basically what I want! I read that you had a network of stylist friends so would you be able to refer me to someone within the Seattle area? Thank you!


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