Bang Bang Blonde

Full bangs and bright blonde balayage for this pretty lady. Formula



  1. Hi!
    love this look!!!
    I am super interested in cutting my bangs like this and was wondering what your pricing is solely for the cutting of bangs and your availability on December 14th?
    Thank you in advance !!


    1. Hi Kaz!
      I do not cut bangs for first time clients unless you were getting a full hair cut. The the hair must be washed to reshape and style the hair forward for a full fringe/ bangs. The whole front of your hair needs to be blended and cut in order to achieve this look. There are soft layers all round the face. The only thing remaining would be to cut the perimeter. If you would like to schedule an appointment for a haircut my prices are 99.00 -118.00 depending on length and thickness of your hair. You my text me directly if you are interested. Thank you!
      Dre LeFevre


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