1. Oh my god, I LOVE this hair color!!! I have naturally dark hair w/red undertones similar to the first picture above. I feel that I look washed out by such a dark and light skin, similar to the woman in the picture, so I’ve wanted to go lighter, but every time I’ve been to salons before they just had caramel-colored highlights that end up looking reddish orange and are too contrasting. But this color that you’ve done is PERFECT! I’ve tried finding pictures like this before, but they never quite seem to get it right. But everything here is spot on – it looks soft with not much contrast, and really warms up the woman’s overall appearance.

    I live in San Francisco, but if I lived in San Diego, I’d go to you in a heartbeat! I currently have very long hair (nearing my bum almost), and I’m looking to donate it, cut it into a bob, and get it lightened (I need a makeover bad!). I don’t know how much stylists travel, but if you’re ever up in the SF area, I’d love to schedule a appointment!


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